Available Wedding Dates


Congratulations on your forthcoming wedding/event, a very joyous, exciting and busy time!  The White Orchid Floral Design would love to create your wedding or event flowers for you.  Bookings are based on availability, please see below.


The following dates are currently not available for weddings and events:

Holidays - From: 20-12-2019 To: 20-01-2020
Fully Booked - From: 13-03-2020 To: 15-03-2020
Fully Booked - From: 27-03-2020 To: 29-03-2020
Fully Booked - From: 17-04-2020 To: 19-04-2020
Fully Booked - 01-05-2020
Fully Booked - From: 14-08-2020 To: 16-08-2020
Fully Booked - From: 21-08-2020 To: 22-08-2020
Fully Booked - From: 09-10-2020 To: 10-10-2020
Fully Booked - From: 16-10-2020 To: 17-10-2020
Fully Booked - 28-11-2020


Please note;

  • Orders cannot be taken any further than 18 months before the wedding/event date.
  • Orders cannot be taken any less than 30 days prior to the wedding/event date.

Feel free to contact The White Orchid Floral Design to confirm availability on your wedding/event date.